This site has a lot of hidden features like the Yellow CRANE CONTROLLER tap a button
PICTURES,SIGNS on the wall move the mouse over them, TELEPHONE tap or mouse over,etc..
This site is always growing all the time, kinda like the web industry.
PS Mr.Misquito tap me if you understand!!!!




I'm Antone Booker I would love work for any company that will further my experience in the web field. Designing and coding has become a big part of my life ten or eleven years ago. A small company gave me the chance to show my skills, based on their needs. After the client loved the site and referred me to another client and so on, I have been building relationships ever since. Being a problem solver has been an personal award for me. Giving a company my best has kept me in this beautiful world of design and concepts for a while now. I know I have the confidence and ambition needed to be successful with any company.